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Kerala la la la

I found myself in a car wearing nothing but a short sleeve shirt, pants and shoes.

Next to me set a girl with brown curly hair wich where hold together by a rubber band on the top of here head. She was wearing a red dress and a green scarf wich was placed around her shoulders.

The car we where sitting in was a white maruti Suzuki.

I remembered that the girls name was milla and that we left the crystal garden at around 10 pm.

After an hour drive we reached the airport port. A huge building, the proud knights of Pune city where guarding it very carefully always being alarmed if any spy’s from the next kingdom mumbai where be seen.

As the girl and me exited the cab I realized I forgot my wallet in my chambers in the crystal garden. Luckily milla was friend enough to lend me the money for the upcoming expedition to the southern lands of the subcontinent.

The first stop of our journey was a town called Bangalore. There me made camp for the nigh. We left at the crack of dawn and landed after another hour of traveling at our destination. The glorious Fort Cochin.

Well actually only fort Cochin is nice the other parts are more like every other big city in India, probably interesting but I feel like i have seen it all before.

But Fort Cochin is more like an older fishing village wich is over run by tourists.

After one of the locals showed us the whole city we decided to make camp at the Santa Maria Hostel. Over there we got in contact with a man who was… well how can I describe him … he is a character… he told a lot of stories about THE CREATOR. Somehow my companion fell for him…

In the evening we went to get food, I had some prawns mango curry.

The next day our expedition to the south continued. We took the railway. For an hour we went trough amazing landscapes forests and over rivers.

Our next stop was Alleppey…well go there for yourself… but one addictive do not take a houseboat.

We took shelter in the mango hostel and after a day of rest we took a canoe to go on the Wilde rivers of this amazing green part of the country.

(Now why I said: if you go to Alleppey DON’T take a houseboat because you will go in one row with Hundreds of other houseboats because they can only go in the big channels of the back waters)

Our trip took us 6 hours trough forests and villages

(Actually visit this place you got to see it with your own eyes)

After we finished the ride on the river we took another railway to get to varkala. Over there we got lost soon after we arrived so we had mother opening then taking camp in the lost hostel… (this hostel is the only reason I’m writing this shot in this stupid style)

Varkala has a really relaxing atmosphere, a beautiful village and amazing cliffs with incredible beaches. But for the start we rented a nag…(scooter)… and started exploring this strange village with these amazing cliffs.

After a long and relaxing sleep in the night we took the nag out for a ride to explore even more of our surroundings… I mean sea for yourself;)

Well that’s manly it!

I’ll never going to do anything like this again it’s taking way too long

See ya

Könnte könnte Pekingente 🦆

Hey so happy holi… I’m pissed right now. I was working on this blog for the last 3 hours, yes sometimes it takes that long to write such crap, and this f#%*ing App deleted everything…

Ok starting from February I had my seminar in February and I’m telling you these 7 days are reason enough for being a volunteer with the Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner e.v.

If you feel like applying:


A normal day at the seminar would look like this: we would get up a 6:45 then 12 of 14 guys would go an dance somewhere at the school, and two of the 14 guys would go and do a nature walk together… well these two people where Thore and me. Almost every day we walked trough the “nature” of Hyderabad, where we had the seminar.

At 8 we’d have breakfast wich every was delicious as hell, and afterwards we’d start our seasons, in wich w learned ways to solve problems. There was one method in wich I was the absolute pro it’s called collegiale Fall Beratung or short collective Fach Beratung😂

With this method I helped some people through some rough times.

For example Sarah, she hat a huge problem with the elephant and the Pekingente. Before I helped here she went to several therapists but nothing worked.

So luckily I could help here with this.

That basically concludes February so moving on to March

My mother and two brothers came to visit me. They arrived at March 2nd wich ist the day of Holi…for you who don’t know what holi is… DO SOME RESEARCH!!!

So what happens there is people just I crazy and throw colors.

Yeah holi is awesome.

So my family… I showed them some nice places in Pune and had some nice food from this one amazing place called “navratna pure veg family garden restaurant”

If you ever come to Pune go there it’s amazing food.

what’s also amazing is Balewadi Stadium it’s the soccer stadium of fc Pune city where we went to see the first game of the isl (Indian super league) semifinals between fc Pune city and mighty Bengaluru fc. The game ended 0:0. The unfortunately Pune lost the second game 3:1 KAR POONA KAR!!!💜🔶

So this is the first time I’m talking about my work at swadhaa.

I got my own project (finally) I am directing a play for our third grade…and it’s actually coming out well😂

So the last thing I’ll share will be another ci sessions. On Friday the 9th March Adi and Amitya came to Pune…Adi actually came for a workshop, wich he hid together with Ariane (another ci character wich I will just mention). And Amitya was bored so he also came.

After the workshop we (Adi, Amitya, gurav, Milla and me broke in to our apartment building and chilled in a refuge flat till Adi and Amitya got kicked out… at 4am

Bombay, Goa, B-day

So still going….

So on 23d December Milla and I went to Bombay to pick up Millas familly, sadly milla booked a cab for 7 am in the morning because it was planned to meet up with Amitya. So when we got in to the cab that chutiya canceled our meeting and we had to kill 14 hours in Bombay.

First of all I don’t like Bombay too much, its too big, too crowded and too hot. Since we had nothing to do we decided to watch “Star Wars: The last Jedi” for a second time.

Millas parents where suppose to arrive at 11:50 pm so at around 10 milla and I went to the airport to pic them up….

well that flight was 2 hour delayed and almost all the immigration counter closed so we had to stay till 3:30 am.


We are at our society, it’s 7 am in the morning Jasper is on his way out.

At the 26th Milla here parents, here sister Emma and me where going back to Bombay to be a part of the wedding…

Well we had a three star Hotel and where all hyped for the wedding.

A big negative point was that I got sick at the second day that meant I was staying in the hotel to recover and mainly to throw up all day.

So I think Mumbai (Bombay) sucks. It’s just too big, to crowded, too hot, too high humidity and especially too dirty when it comes to the air quality. Once we went to Elephanta caves, a place close to Bombay where u can go by boat, and when we where like 50 yards off shore the city was gone532

Ok enough about Bombay. On 30th December Milla, Kiran and me went to Arambol (Goa) to spend new years there and seriously Arambol is the shit!!!

We went there because our friends Amitya, Adi, Guru, Keshav and Hari ha a Contact Improvisation new years jam wich we attandet.

Over there me meat a lot of nice people like Sashwat (no idea how to spell that name but no one reads this so who cares) and Sheya aka Caprilla. we lived in an bugalow wich was suppose to be for 4 persons with 11 people  619623

We had such a good time with a lot of contact improvisation and other drugs.(alcohol, tabacco, weed)

Actually we didn’t do much else than chilling at the house, chilling at the beach doing contact and eating but it was amazing.

Right on 12th of jan I turned 19 and we had a little celebration at school wich was the cutest thing thing I’ve ever seen. All the children  from all the grades came and huged me all at one.

Ok that’s it for the next couple of month see ya

I’m out peace and positive vibes

Oh before I forget thank you so much for all the “happy b-days and all the good deeds

A day well spent

Ok yo this is like the third Blog in one week. Wow I seriously have nothing else to do.

Shrivardhan beach, nice place …

Ok on Saturday Milla and me went to Shrivardhan together with the two other volunteers from Pune Linn and Anna and special guests Kiran and Mayuri.

So one boy with 5 girls hell yeah…

We started at 6 pm because the driver what’s a Chutyia and didn’t came in time but anyways.

After a 6 hours ride we finally got to the place. Actually it was a farm house but more like a film set because it looked beautiful from outside but inside ’twas more like one small room with one bed and another mattress.

Fun fact: the place is in the jungle and according to our driver this jungle contains tigers.



Oh right after a short and sleepless night we went to a beachte swim and chill.

Right Kiran tried several to push me into the water but apparently she’s just 5.1 feet tall and I’m like 6.4 so she wasn’t really successful.

Later she had a lot of fun building a d out of sand and afterwards playing in the mud.

At noon we went to another place, ’twas like a Fort but it was built in the water and it looked a lot like the iron islands

‘Twas build by some African king and has a secret tunnel to the coast.

Nowadays the only way to get there is with some tiny ass boats

In the evening we went back to Pune wich took another 6 hours.

I didn’t had a lot of space but it was fun!

K see ya later alligator

Hey I’m back

That’s what I call scheduled 😛 I post like every 3 moth

The last time was September 5th wow.

Now its the November 11th

Ok I’ll start with Chennai

On september 30th Milla and I went to Chennai. We had a weekend plus a day of so Milla and I went to Chennai. we took a plane so the jurny took us only 1 1/2 houres.

When we reached Thore, Kiki and Fabian where waiting for us at the airport.

After a long and worm welcome we took an Ola to get to Besant Nagar, the place where Thore, Kiki, Fabi and Verena live.

As soon as we reached we went on the rooftop. by day time this place has the nicest view, on one side is a huge park and you could think they live in the deepest jungle. and on the other side in like 200 meters is the ocean. I fell completely in love with that place.

We spent the whole night on there roof talking about live the universe and everything.

for some reason we forgot completely about the time and it was 5am and the sun was rising over the ocean.



3 hours later we had breakfast. We had the best Dosa there is in this world. afterwords I fell asleep on the balcony.

2 hours I woke up with almost the worst headache of my live. The sun was blazing down on me and it was like 34 degrees.

Man I’d like to say we did a lot of crazy things but apart from Zhore saying: “I kinda want a tattoo” and then getting one, nothing happened.

Ok right the tattoo was pretty crazy. on our second day we went to Indias second biggest beach. The Marina beach. late in the evening we also went to the beach wich is like 2 min walk from there house and Thore said he wanted to get a tattoo at the beach.

back home we decided what tattoo we wanted to get because every one wanted to get a tattoo and since we knew each other for 13 days we said “Lets all get the same tattoo”. And so we did. we decided to get “Freunde”. We had no particular reason for that we just said “lets do some crazy shit”.168 As I said earlyer we didn’t do anything else, because of some little green plant but that’s another story 😀

OK I’ll only tell You about the travelling otherwise it would taker to much time.

In October we had Divali the festival of light. For that occasion we got 10 days off.

We started our vacation with a trip to Goa, the only bad thing that happened was that we thought Goa was a city. Well it’s a state, so we had a beautiful bus trip and got out somewhere in the middle of Goa, well our friends lived in the south of Goa so we took an Uber to get to there location.

This trip was more of a relaxing vacation. that’s why we didn’t do so many things either. Milla and Lotti went to see some waterfalls but I stayed at the U-Bahnschlägers and Salvas place and had a relaxed day.


From Goa we took a train to Gokarna, A village wich is next to Goa but in the state Canatanaka or something…

We stayed in  the Dolphin Cafe, a place on Om beach. we stayed in little cabins at the beach.383.jpg

It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited in my entire live.

You could only get to that place from the beach and it was right at the ocean.

Milla and Lotti hadn’t had such a grate time as I had. I really fell in love with that place because I didn’t had to do anything wich was grate. For the first time in my live I could chill the whole day without someone coming up to me asking me to do anything. Paradise!


A I sayd Milla and Lotti hadn’t had such a gate time so we left after 3 days wich broke my hart becaues this place is just amazing.

Tha last stop of our little trip was Hampi. But because of bad food and broken hart I got really sick, and apart from Hanumans birthplace I didn’t see anything.

The absolute highlight was when Milla threw up from the rooftpo of a restaurant.

So Hampi is a place I’ll probably never visit again 😛

Ok that’s it for this time Gokarna is the shit yall should go there love, peace and harmony for yall.

A lot of things

Back at it again… Should really post things more often…

But screw it I don’t care, literally no one reads this crap…

Ok let me start with one week before Chennai… uups shit I soiled it.

3 days before we went some new guys moved in our house.

These dudes seamed to be very chilled.

“So what happened right naw” Milla and me went out for a smoke, all of a sudden we saw how two (out of 5) of these guys left the house and came to us.

It came out that these guys where a lot cooler than we thought they’d be, because the first thing they asked us was if we where smoking.

Something about these guys: Amitya, Adi, Hari, Kisho and Guru are a bunch of guys from all over India. Adi and Amitya are from Mumbai, Hari from Hyderabad and Kisho and Guru from Chennai.

These guys are dancers and where in Pune for a contact improvisation* workshop. *Contact Improvisation – Wikipedia

So we jamed with them and had a lot of fun.


 Oh hey I forgot to publish this blog ;D

Ganpati bappa mourya

Hey… it’s been some time…

So many things happened like Ganpati, the festival for lord Ganesha, the god of men and joy and stories and-ok I’ll stop-

For some reason the Indian gods have many things to look at. That’s also why most of them have many arms, not because they really hade them but to show, they can do multitasking.

Back to the Ganesha festival.

First Ganesha has an Elefants had

And on Ganesha festival (ganpati)

This guy moves in with you and you have to treat him like a guest, like offering him food and drinks, or talk to him, pray to him for wisdom.

Why does he have an elephants


Long story short the wife of shiva made here self a son shiva be headed the son his wife wants to destroy everything Vishnu brings an elephants head and Sheva brings him back and makes him the god of men.

( if you want to know more ask lord google, the god of wisdom)

Milla and my self went to Bangalore for the weekend.

We where stupid enough to go there by bus, means 13 hour drive (sleeper, AC) with tiny beds, AC the whole night and a driver who would drive like he was on the run.

In Bangalore we met with millas cousin and here fiancé wich where really nice.

The first thing we did was go to a brewery and had some food… but more beer. I had two 0.5 l glasses of IPA (Indian pale ale, 9.0% alc.)

And the others hade some German beer mixed with banana or something.

When we got back to there place the fiancé of millas cousin got more beer from the refrigerator, (king fisher 6.5% alc.) when we finished that Milla and me went to the city… but only to go to another where we were told they’d serve coffee. But they didn’t so we had to go for another beer, Milla had a king fisher and I had a Corona (4.5% alc.) wich was mir expensive than millas King Fisher and the French fries in total.

In the evening we went to a club to had more alcohol over there I hade another king fisher and and 2 timer rum n coke.

The next day we went out for breakfast and to a park.

The way back with the bus was terrible this time it was a sleeper non AC and that means even less space and no blankets.

Some other day…

Well alot of thngs have happend… Like Krishna’s birthday.

so we made butter and the childrin had to klimb up to a pot witch was filled with some sweets.Indien2 110.JPG



We also went on a walk* at like 7 am… with all the teachers and Linus*

Indien2 141.JPG

also Linus, who was the volunteer befor Milla* and me came, left. Every one in the school startet crying.

When he left he gave us a lot of his old stuff like books, towls,…Lebkuchengewürtz…

and alot of other stuff you can only get in Germany.

Indien2 154


I think that was it… Of couse alot more stuff happend but im not in the mood to tell you rn

Bye bye and #positivevibes


*Milla- girl I am in India with

*Linus- a guy who stayed at Swaadah before we came

*we made the walk because Linus *was leaving

**Linus- a guy who stayed at Swaadah before we came






Work dat…

I hade my first day of work.
Oh yes I wanted to talk about my friend Milla who is also volunteering here at Swadhaa learning center.
Milla Thul is about 5.3 foot tall, has short brown hair and brown eyes.
She comes from Munich and is pretty nice, wich is not an odd thing because she is from Munich but that's not the point.

Well we hade our first day of work at the kindergarten.
Well… yes… oh right we got into a little fight with a guy who lives in our house. He thinks that he is the owner of this place… I should have told you that I live in a community house with other people… one of of the guys who lives in that house is Rahul… his actual name is something completely different but he thinks "Rahul" sounds cooler…
Oh yes we got into that little fight because Milla and me need to sleep in a room together but some Indian people think that girls and boys can only sleep in a room together if there are not married…
So I don't even know where I'm going with this… 😀
But we fixed all this so now Milla sleeps in my room but the Rahul guy is very pisst of.
POSITIVE VIBES/ Peace, love and happiness
C u